Review: Tyga 'The Potential' Mixtape

Aww shit! My review swag is in full effect! lol Ok, say a couple of days ago, Tyga dropped the last mixtape before his sophomore album, The Introduction, titled The Potential.When I first listened to Tyga ever (the song was actually Wow, like many other ppl's 1st Tyga song they heard was), I felt he had the potential to be a really dope artist in this industry and become one of the greatest. I truly feel that he is on his way to doing that. He is already a dope artist to me in the industry, but a lot of people aren't on him like they should be. So I think the title of the mixtape is very appropriate. Ok now about the content of the mixtape.

All I have to say is, this could have been an album! It's that well done and dope, I would have brought this with money....and yes, in this recession. You can tell a lot of hard work was put into this mixtape and you know what, even though it didn't drop on it's due date of June 1st, the wait was worth it because mixtape is official! I really appreciate an artist putting in the work to give us this great package of music even if it's for free. A mixtape like this really gets the fans excited for album. And you what I really like about this mixtape-Tyga's mixtape fans are completely different from Tyga's No Introduction fans. And you can tell because Tyga goes hard on his mixtapes and his debut album was more to just get his name out there and I feel it was more of an album that came from the labels and not Tyga himself. So when it comes to this mixtape, I feel like Tyga really made it for his mixtape fans to enjoy and his debut album fans to enjoy. He still went hard and spit some crazy ill bars but also balanced it out with the more...I don't want to say popish but it's the only word I can think of right now. lol If you listen to the 'tape, you'll know what I mean! lol And I really like that aspect of the mixtape. There was a lot of variety is this mixtape as well which I always enjoy. The production was dope and like I said before, Tyga went hard with the verses. Like I think I'ma have a Tyga line for everything now because of this mixtape! lol seriously! I already do it with Rich Hil and KanYe...people know me for the KanYe ones. lol So yea, this mixtape gets the stamp of approval-let's say it together...DOPEEEEEE SHITTTTT!

Instead of Tracks to Listen to, I'm review every single song the 'tape and give the good, bad, and ...well the good and the bad! lol

The Potential-this was a great way to start off the mixtape. Really like the theaterical vibe of it. Felt like I was there at a show seeing him performing, love this track!
Awesome-the monster sounding effect Ty put on his voice-genius! I love it! Sounds better than autotune(RIP lol). He went hard on this one but I will say I felt this track was missing something...just can't put my finger on it. An okay track.
Stop Accussing-Probably one of my favs off the 'tape. I love the chorus, verses, production, vibe-everything about it I love! And the girl's voicemail message at the end-fun-ny! Sounds like a straight groupie! lol
Where Am I-This song is deep! The end of it, I don't like. I pray that won't happen to Tyga in Jesus name!(i'm such a Nigerian Christian! lol) But I really like the song and the emotion behind it! And who sings the chorus? like their sound.
Diddy Bop-I love this freestyle. 'Nuff said! "Casting...I be on my Diddy shit!"
Tyzilla-I remember when Ty was working on this mixtape and tweeted that everyone should call him Tyzilla for now on. I refuse to. But I like this alterego kind of thing. Dope song.
How Would You Like-Grown and sexy! Very nice, even though when I first heard Tyga singing like that-I busted out laughing. Just being honest! Nice vibe to the song.
Dad's Letter-This track is deeper than rap-no pun intended...ok the pun was intended.I really like this song. Fans can appreciate it when an artist can share something like that with them. Very good song.
Every Girl Freestyle-Ok, when I heard this, I was pissed. Why wasn't his verse on the original song? His verse was better than the other ones! His shit should have been in the song...that's some bullshit. Tyga killed this freestyle...
Slow It Down-This is my second fav. off the 'tape. The first one is coming up. I love everything about this song. Again, grown and sexy. Tyga does this grown and sexy thing very well if I do say so myself...*grins* lol
Cut My Check-3rd fav. Love how the monster voice Tyga and normal Tyga kinda go in and out-genius. Tyga was def on his grizzly with this track. "Who matters? I'll make them un-matter!"
My Glory-dope song! Produced by the homie Rahk. Really liked it when it leaked and I still do!
RIP Dolla-It was very thoughful for Ty to do a song for his homie Dolla.RIP homie. Great song, like the Tupac part in the beginning as well.
All Love-BEST SONG ON THE MIXTAPE! I loveeeee this song. The chorus-I just love it...dope shit. Great vibe-I just love it. let me shut up about it!
BET Freestyle-Tyga killed that shit. GED, Young Money!...bitches!

So all you need to do is download the mixtape and enjoy ppl! An dI know you will! Thank me later ppl! lol

Download The Potential here

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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