Review: DeVon Hendryx's "JOECHILLWORLD" mixtape

Like I said, I'm going to review every mixtape/EP that comes my way. To start this tradition off, I will review DeVon Hendryx's JOECHILLWORLD mixtape. And yes, this is me fulfilling a mixtape review request but after listening to this on repeat, a review was bound to happen.

Not much info is out there about DeVon. I'm not even sure where he's from, how old he is, or what he looks like. Which is a good thing because it makes you listen to the music more to try to figure all that out. If all that personal information matters to you. Personally, an artist who seems like a mystery is the best. All there is to judge is the music. So based off the music, DeVon seems like the runaway child of a gay polygamy marriage between Lupe Fiasco, Tyler, the Creator, and Danny Brown. Yes, I know that sounds weird and kinda out of pocket but I swear I say it with love. Being a fan Lupe and Tyler and recently encountering Danny Brown's music, listening to DeVon reminds me of them in a good way. I use the term "runaway child" because although aspects of his music (especially his lyrics) remind me of them, he still has his unique flare and signature sound. Let's be honest, I don't think Lupe, Tyler, or Danny Brown could pull off most of DeVon's production. And yes, he produces his own shit too. After being intrigued by his songs, Game Of The Century and Sabbath School, I was ready to hear more from Hendryx. With the release of his second mixtape, JOECHILLWORLD, I got my chance.

JOECHILLWORLD has to be one of the most interesting mixtapes I've ever heard in my life. Listening to this is like having a nightmare you enjoy. It's dark, rude, musically abnormal but at the same time beautiful, meaningful, and dope as fuck. To me, this is not a just some mixtape, it's art. It's almost like the musical equivalent to the movie, Donnie Darko. I often try to remind people that music is an art and this mixtape is modern audio art at it's finest. As music fans, we're so use to the layout for a song as: a verse, hook, verse, hook, bridge, with basic beat clap instrumentals, etc. DeVon throws all of that out the window and fucks up your mainstream mindset. JOECHILLWORLD doesn't seem like it was under the influence of anything besides DeVon's dreams and reality. The lyrics are in your face, the flow is effortless, and the production in nontraditional yet classic. I'm not sure if the average music fan or even Hip Hop head will vibe with this project at first listen. But here's my advice, clear all expectations from your mind, press play, and LISTEN! Don't go to the kitchen to get something to eat. Don't start texting your boo. Don't even go on Tumblr. Just sit and listen. Matter of fact, if possible, forget you read this review! Listen to it straight and then re-read this review. While listening to this mixtape, I gasped for air in shock, I laughed out loud (literally), I yelled "DAMN!", and leaned back in my chair and reflected on that last line he just said. I promise you if you absorb every little aspect of this mixtape, you will like it. Whether it's DeVon's funny/rude lyrics or his unique production, you will like this mixtape!

Overall verdict: DeVon Hendryx has created an audio masterpiece that will mindfuck you and give you some amazing musical pleasure you haven't had in a while. JOECHILLWORLD is a must listen if you claim to be a real lover of Hip Hop and of music in general. 

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