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Now these I would rock!

Vans that I actaully don't like....

And oh yea..

This Dumb B*tch!


I kinda like this...

Even though I think he's a spoiled brat...

Mine is better....

I need to get a job for this season!

It's on Saturday Bitches!!!!!!

Jeremy Scott!

These Are Illy!

I love these people!

Lindsay is Dope(even if she does it).

G.O.O.D Words

This is My Kind of Fashion

AsherxCudi-Uh Oh!

I wanna be a part of the Movement!!!

New Teyana!

My blog is acting up!

Complex Interviews Drake

"Turn My Swagg Onnnn!"


Is She the One?

Chris has some serious explaining to do...

This Song is Crazy!

"My Name Wale & I Came to GET IT"

Why Do I Want This RIngtone?! lol

Review: Drake's So Far Gone

Can the Real Lil Mama Stand Up

Don't My Idol Look Good?!

Welcome to Heartbreak....

I Like this style!

Bullsh*t!....Real Sh*t....

Come and Get Your Daily Dose of Cudi!!!!

I love these lyrics...

I'm so Anti Valentine's Day...

So Far Gone

So Far Gone.

They Copied Me!

These are soooo KanYe

Shut Up!

F*ck a man for Valentine's

These would look great with my peacoat...

Viktor & Rolf can get it!

I Be On Some Shit

I Be On Some Shit

This should just be a kid cudi blog...

Dose of Dopeness

This is Too Funny!

Force 1TD

My Sis would kill these!

Oh Amanda!


A Neighborhood Interview.

Yea, They Buggin' Out! lol

Is this new or old?

88 and His Polo

One of the Best Grammy Performances Ever!!!!

Let Me Find Out Charles!

This Band, This Guy...Is Dope!