Bullsh*t!....Real Sh*t....

Really Bossip?!Click here to see the bullshit

Thanks Cudder!
Click here to see the real shit
(look for my cmnt to Cudi too in the comments!)

Of course there were other sites that had the false story but i saw it on bossip first so i shouted them out. To me, when i first started checking out bossip, their stories were pretty accurate. But now its like they are becoming more and more lazy with getting the correct info and they're starting to seem like MediaTakeOut.

As far as Cudi speaking on the situation, THANK YOU!!!!! I hate when shit happens and the celebs involded never come out and say their peace about it. And its always their publicist or manager speaking for them as if they don't have a mouth! I think its stupid. When i become a big music person or whatever, and people are running around with my name in their mouths and saying false stories or the wrong story, Ima speak up about it my damn self! So i actually want to say congrats to Cudi for speaking up and not being 'Hollywood' about it. If these celebs keep wanting to remind us that they are humans just like us, then say it ya self and not through someone else! And then everyone wants to get mad at KanYe when he speaks up and says he just whinning or saying dumb shit. KanYe speaks the truth and he also speaks for himself. But yea, i didnt want to wake up to this bullshit today but i'm happy its over and the haters are being shut down.

Kid Cudi will reign surpreme!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


I still rock with my mans Cudi. There's always some rumors, some false information being spread...glad he set the record straight.
Anonymous said…
Scott is a well-rounded, down-to-earth and REAL cool guy. From the beginning, I didn't believe it at all, and to be quite frank, I DON'T even indulge in Bossip's news.

Of course they FEEL everything and ALL things THEY "say" have meaning and "purpose" so to speak in it.

I usually check out Neon Lime Light
htp://neonlimelight.com they're good and surprisingly friendly entertainment! Well, I was originally just stopping by to say HI :O) Hope your cool
Peace :)

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