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Empire State of Mind.

The Other Side of The Girl They Call Es.

EgyptSaidSo x Teyana Taylor interview.

Throwback of Es: Next Lifetime.

Say Something Freestyle.

Kenna's Summit on the Summit Ep.1

Watch the Dope Kidz tweet...

I Can Transform Ya.

Team Amber Rose rocks MAINFRAME.

Fed Up.

Back to Basics: The Art of Songwriting.

BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers.

Party Girl.

Make My Day.

Making Moves.

Paula Patton x Giant.

Obama's Family Portrait.

The Hudson Times.

...Kenna is pretty dope though...


All In.

Hip Hop Dishonors.

Russian Roulette.


And the Best Rapper Alive is....

Since Es's been gone...

Doesn't Mean Anything.

Bad Romance.

09 Until.

Don't be like Mike when you grow up.

Disney Characters...

Drizzy Time! Leak Edition!

Taking My Ball.

We Were Once A Fairytale.

Fast Car.

Lyrics=Life:Passion Pit Edition.

On some new ish...literally!

Throwback of Es:Bonnie & Shyne.


No Way.

So Cold.

Theory of Es: Reason, Season, Lifetime-choose one.

New Faces by Thierry Le Gouès for French Revue De Modes.

I do NOT want to work for Diddy.

Tyga is THAT dude!


This baby can do the Stanky Leg better than me!

Boy do I feel bad for Keyshia Cole...

Meet Me Halfway.

Lil Wayne talk about his cup.

Bow Wow does a hell of a Lil Wayne and 50 Cent!

Discovery of the Day: Siya.

I Love You Baby.


Lil Mama makes us 90's babies look bad.

Neo Vibes. [New Music]

Chillin&Listenin:The Killers Edition.

Try to step to Wordspit, there will be a Consequence.

The Journey So Far: This is the Beginning right?

The Hudson Times.

Fly Away.

Only Pharrell...

5 Star Chick.

Alexander McQueen be on some...

Tunes of Es.

Throwback of Es: I Am Not My Hair.

LV's 2010 Spring Collection is DOPE!