I'm soooooo getting this dude's album! Hopefully I get this job cause I'm soooooo getting this dude's album! And he's Nigerian? Fuck yea! lol This song is illy! I actually love Rihanna on this, she did a dope job. And you know what, I've been throwing shade Riri's way for a long time now, for like a year and a half or at least since Good Girl Gone Bad dropped. I had my reasons and they were valid. But since I'm trying to be peaceful and show love and not hate...too much anymore, I'm growing to like Rihanna like I did the first time I heard her music. Still hate Good Girl Gone Bad (except for Rehab-thats my shit!) and I think she needs to wear more clothing but yea, the chick is pretty dope! Nice collab! Dope shit, real shit-love it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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