On some new ish...literally!

Today brings a lot of new things! New job, new email, new life w/o my sister *tear*.

I got a new job at the Bodies/Dialog in the Dark exhibition here in the ATL at Atlantic Station. So if you come to the ATL, hit me up and make sure you come to my job!!! It's dope!

I created a new email and it's thegirlEs@gmail.com, I repeat it's thegirlEs@gmail.com! Add it to your mailing lists and contacts and all that good stuff! If you send me anything blog/music related to my old email,-I'll ignore it and probably delete it so I suggested you send it to thegirlEs@gmail.com!

And sadly, today is my sister's last day living in the ATL. She's moving up north to have an "Empire State of Mind"-you figure it out. She has a dope ass job and I'm happy for her and this motivates me to get my money right and move on to bigger and better things.I love my sister, she is my best friend and I WILL go insane when she leaves. But I WILL be visiting like every month! lol I love you Erica! Oh and Erica will be blogging from NY when she goes so you will see alot more Erica posted ...posts (lol) on the blog!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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