Back to Basics: The Art of Songwriting.

Well I've been tapping back into the creative side of Es recently. I feel like I needed to go back to some of the things that I did alot as a youngin' and see if I still have it in me or even if I'm better at it. I use to draw and write poems and write songs but as I got older and technology became more advance, I started blogging and promoting...and tweeting. lol But I always had that love for drawing and writing hidden with in.

So last night, I did the dumb thing of drinking a cup of coffee *slaps self* and I was wide awake til 4 :30am for no damn reason. I always have song ideas pop up in my head but I never write the down, so I decided to finally write them down. I wrote like three songs. Well I started three and finished two! I don't know if any of my songs are good. None have a beat to go with them yet nor do I have a studio I can just go to record a demo or it but hey, at least they are written down now! They're more like poems than songs now! lol

I wrote a song called Numb, it's only a chorus and bridge. I meant for it to be like that. I feel a rapper should get on the verses. It's such stoner music. I don't even smoke, I don't know how those lyrics came to me. But I guess one could think of it as, cause I say "Mary Jane" in it! lol And then I finally wrote down the lyrics to this song titled L.A.P.D. Now see, my imagination is like no other. I never been to LA, so what I know about their police department?! lmao But the song is like one huge metaphor and it really has nothing to do with the actual LAPD. It's probably my favorite song I wrote so far. And then since I have the instrumental to one of my favorite Hip Hop song of all time....OF ALL TIME-Geto Boyz My Mind Playing Tricks on Me, I writing a song to that beat called Okay aka The Cure.That song I probably won't give to anyone since it's really about me and stuff, no one else can really sing about me like that! lol It's a fun song though. I bring some sunshine to the kinda dark vibe of that beat.

But I'm keep writing and hopefully soon I'll team up with a producer to make my songs come to life and sell it to yall singers and make that GUAP! lol I wrote this post to hopefully inspire some of yall to revisit your past loves/hobbies and bring it back to the basics. You never know, you may actually be hella dope at it now than you were before!

p.s.the best songwriters killing it right now are Neyo and Lady Gaga. Go 'head, listen to their shit. They're geniuses!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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