Discovery of the Day: Siya.

I was just checking out the blogs on this world wide web and ran into this post about a female MC by the name of Siya. And at first I was like "Cool" and I was gonna keep it moving. But I have been waiting for more female MC's to be on the scene, especially with all of these..."freshmen" getting all the attention. So I check out her myspace, read the bio, listened to the track-this chick is pretty ill! She is def not like the next female rapper-thank God! We can only take so much of the big boobs and butt appearance with the sex crazed lyrics type chick. People tend to think that females can't rap about anything else besides brand name clothing and getting dudes. So let's just say Siya is a breath of fresh air! She is like actually spitting and she's hella dope at it! Her mixtape, State Of Mind, hosted by DJ Wreckineyez and Stevie Williams, will be dropping soon. I will def be on the lookout for that. With the talent this chick has, she should be just has hot as the next female MC! Don't sleep on good talent people!

Check out her freestyle over that Hov & Pharrell "So Ambitious"
For more on Siya check out her MySpace & Twitter:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Unknown said…
thanks for the blog love. her mixtape is releasing very soon. send me ur email address so i can add u to her press list.

thanks again.


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