I do NOT want to work for Diddy.

Thanks, but no thanks. I would work for Russell Simmons before I work for Diddy. I would work for Trump before I work for Diddy. I would like to work for Jay-Z, he seems like a dope ass boss. But Diddy? No thank you.

It's not that I'm not as passionate as the people on this show or anything, Diddy is just too dramatic and makes you do a lot of bullshit for nothing! I don't want my boss to waste my time. I won't waste yo time if you don't waste mine. Tryna have me run around in the rain with no umbrella carrying dude's "day bag" full of apple sauce and toothpicks? No thank you. I'll gladly take a position with Uncle Rush or Hov where I'll do real work...shit I can put on a resume. Running around and dealing with dumb drama and insults from people in higher positions than you is not work experience. I watched the show last season, and that's what happens when you work for Diddy.

All "Good TV" bullshit! True story, my aunt was gonna work for Diddy but the money he offered was like half (no even, more like a 1/4) of what she was making before. She was like overqualified. Oh this industry. Yea everything Diddy touches turns to gold...then to plastic!-let me stop throwing shade at Puff. But I'm just being honest. I always told myself that I will work for everyone else in the industry before I ever consider working for Diddy. And that even includes K-Fed. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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