Tyga is THAT dude!

If you are still unaware of how dope Tyga is and/or still hating on him and saying he doesn't have bars-do the following:1)hug and kiss someone with the swine flu, make sure you get sick. 2)set yourself on fire 3)jump off a bridge 4)and die!. Dude is dope. Like I already knew this because he had me at "Wowwwww"-literally but this is ill! So enjoy this dope ass freestyle he did over the Mario Break Up beat or should I say Rich Hil Overseas With It beat-Rich had it first, shame on you Bangladesh! Not sure if this will be on Ty's upcoming mixtape, Black Thoughts, but I do know that he killed it! Shout out to the whole G.E.D Inc crew!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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