The Other Side of The Girl They Call Es.

I have a tumblr page now. I would like to blame my girlie Kiyarra and my broski Drewski for this. Drewski for always telling me to get one and Kiyarra for showing how glorious it is. So I will post quotes of my own and others, cute pics, and other random shit on there. Even some songs and poems I've written. So please go check out my tumblr and if you have one-follow me and I WILL follow you. Unlike I do on Twitter. hehe. lol But yea, I will follow you on tumblr. Tumblr is good for those who just want to show other people dope shit but don't want to be a "blogger". It's mad easy and shit. You'll probably like it. So go check out mine and see if you want one of ya own! And yes, I will blog on here, it's my duty as the dope girl that I am too. =)

Check out the page ....wait for it...wait for it...NOW!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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