Tunes of Es.

Howwwwdyyyyy! For a while, I felt like my blog was missing something. I thought maybe it was fashion posts, but yall barely pay attention to those. And then I was like,"What did I use to have on my blog that I don't anymore?" And it was a playlist full of music!

I remember I use to make a playlist or whatever, put it on the blog, and then always just come to my blog to listen to the playlist as I surfed the web. So I want you guys to do the same! First thing when you get on the computer, check ya email or whatever and then come to the blog and enjoy my playlist. This playlist is full of music that is stuck in my head and that I adore right now! Some of these artists you may know, others you may not. If I can get yall listening to artists that you usually wouldn't or never heard of, that makes me feel good inside!

There is so much dope music out there that some many people are missing out on. It's time for me to put you on to it. And you do the same! If there is an artist you feel I should be listening to, let me know! I love it when you guys tell me about artists! Discovering new music and artists is my kinda of high. And if you can't already tell by my playlist, I listen to all kinds of music! So I hope you guys enjoy the playlist! I will be adding more songs here and there so always make sure that when you come to my blog that you just...let the music play! Enjoy! =D

p.s. imeem be on some bullshit. If you can't hear the full songs and it gives you that 30 sec crap, click on the title of the playlist "Tunes of Es" and listen to the full songs and playlist on there.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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