I heard this song on the radio this morning going to work and all I have to say is...YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! My C.Breezy is back! The Chris I loved back in like...'05 (cot damn!) is back and is better than ever! This song is beautiful! O-M-G! Who da hell wrote this song, it is so good! And he sounds great on it. He sounds mature and like the 20 yr old that he is. Yall, forget about the Transfom Ya song and just focus on this one! It is so freakin dope! Ugh! Dope shit Chris, really! I'm proud of him for this song! I'm happy he is still doing music and is getting better and better at it. Wow, this track blew me away! I almost cried in the car! lol And I rarely cry for once every million songs I hear, I might shed a tear. But this song is just Let me stop, listen, download, enjoy and appreciate this track because this is truly so good music! Keep this coming Chris!
The song is so good it makes me forget how he called it a "ballet" on Twitter! lol Ballad...ballad! Let's spellcheck before we tweet! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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