EgyptSaidSo x Teyana Taylor interview.

Egypt of had the pleasure of meeting up with the girlie Teyana Taylor and and engage in some good convo "over some banging chicken wings with hot sauce!!". They so crazy! I've always been a fan and supporter of Miss Taylor! She like one of the first people I ever called a dope girl-cause she is! I remember I hit her up on MySpace like in 06 and she responded! It made my day! lol She is ubber talented and is a dope good girl like me. We're both 90's babies and I think our fellow female 90's babies need to take notes from Teyana. Keep ya legs closed and stay dope! Anywho this was a really good interview, I usually don't read interviews because the get boring after like the third question but I read the entire interview, so maybe you should read it too! And I like Egypt's site...gotta put that link on the blogroll! Ok, 'nuff of me talking, go check out the interview! Dope shitttttt!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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