Theory of Es: Reason, Season, Lifetime-choose one.

I haven't done a theory in a while, sorry all my Theory of Es fans. =/

"People always come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime."

I constantly ponder on the subject of me not having many friends. I can make friends with ease but just as quick as I make friends, I lose them. Whether its cause they feel I did something to them or I feel they did something to me, or we just lost touch.But whatever it was, I always felt like it was my fault. I let people misuse me...I should have seen right through them...I knew better to become friends with them. Always my fault. But now, I'm 19 and I stopped blaming myself. I had to remind myself of this quote I've heard from various people my whole life, yea the one I put above. Hmm reason, season, or lifetime.

Reason. Sometimes you may become friends with someone cause yall in the same class and need a lab partner. Or cause you want to work somewhere and need connections so you like "Shit, let me befriend them to get into this and then forget them once I'm in!". First off, the lab partner one happens to everyone! Cause after that semester, you will probably never see them again anyways. The second one, I never do. I try to get into something on my own. I hate owning people favors. And plus it just feels better to know that you did it all by yourself and its your hardwork that helped you get to where you are now. Not someone giving you a handout. Sometimes, God puts someone in ya life to help you go through something.Friend for a reason type stuff. I know I've been a friend for a reason for many. For some strange reason, people always come to me like I'm Mother Teresa or something.I loved her. I don't mind helping you out, just don't take advantage of me.

Season. You could literally be someone's friend for one of the four seasons. Got ya summer friends, ya winter friends, fall friends, and spring friends. Or like yall friends in high school, graduate and not friends anymore. That's friend for a season type stuff. I kinda hate this one. Cause for me, the friends I have for a season be the most fun and when that "season" is over, it sucks! Like there are so many people I went to high school with and I wish they went to the same college as me but dont-they were so fun! I guess when it comes to having friends for a season, enjoy the moment cause nothing last forever.

Lifetime. Don't we all wish to have friends for a lifetime? Sometimes you become friends with someone and think it's for a lifetime but then something happens and you realize it was for a reason or season. This happens to me A LOT! I'm thinking these people gon' be in my wedding and be the god parents of my kids and then they do something and I'm like"Really? I thought we were friends?!" Deception is a bitch. But this is how I can tell if you are my friend for a lifetime:

1)If you know me better than I know myself. I have friends now who can see me in a situation and before I do anything, they already know what I'ma do. And then they try to stop me. lol

2)If some shit goes down, we fight, we cry, we get over it and laugh. You know you got those friends who do some dumb shit but for some reasons you see yourself texting them jokes and hanging out with them. Yup, they gon' be in your wedding.

3)If they defend you before you defend yourself.They are the kind of friends who you tell them that someone did something to you and their first question is "Where they at?". They out for blood before you are. Here's a little story. First semester in college, I did this thing called FLC and it's like they group students together and we all take the same classes and shit. My friend Ashley (who I talk a lot about on this blog), who I knew from high school, was in it with me. So to many people in the FLC, I had a very "strong personality" or in other words, I was a bitch.We had some group projects and Ash and I were in two different groups. Her group did like some kind of phone conference thing and instead of talking about their project, they were talking about me! Ashley wasn't having that. She came to my defense and shut them up. And for that, I will always love that chick! She gon' be in the wedding. lol So will my Viv!

So here's the real reason why I'm doing this theory. I swear I make a new friend everyday! It's not even funny. I'm not even in school now and I'm making friends, wtf? lol But because I'm sick of having people run in and out of my life, I just want people to give me a heads up. Let me know if you are my friend for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. And if you are are not sure, choose one. Please. Don't be scared to tell me, I can handle it. Well I obviously can handle it cause I'm asking you to do it! And if you do choose reason or season-cool! I'm not gonna stop being your friend! I'll probably get more out of the friendship then you will, ya never know! But just let me know. Because if ya gonna be running in and out of my life, don't be sneaky about it. Stand up straight and run so that I can see you, don't worry I won't start chasing you. Ok people? Good. So I will be waiting to hear what my "friends" have to say...reason, season, or's all up to you. And trust, if you are really my friend for a lifetime, I probably already knew that and I love you for that. But don't ask me if I'm your friend for a reason, season, or lifetime. Because you may not even know if we're really friends or not! Food for thought, uh?

Maybe after I receive some answers, I can figure out why I have like no friends! Or if I have many friends!....hmmm

That's kinda my theory, but shit, I'm sticking to it!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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