Chillin&Listenin:The Killers Edition.

I love The Killers! They are so dope! I got their latest album, Day & Age, for my sister on Christmas and a Killer's shirt (the Hot Topic $20 shirt and CD deal bitches!). But now I'm listening to it more than her! lol It's my bedtime music cause I can't go to sleep with out music playing in my room. This album is so dope, it's like road trip music! It's so inspiring and uplifting, perfect music for the dreamer in me! So go buy the album if you want some dope road trip music! lol or listen to it here! I love The Killers-enjoy!

Neon Tiger is on the soundtrack to my life. Love that song. and This Is Your Life...dope shit.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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