The Journey So Far: This is the Beginning right?

I started this blog in early 08 to document my journey into the industry and the steps I take to make that possible. But after a while, I realized that high school and daily life didn't really allow me to take any steps at all. And therefore the blog turned into place for me, a very opinionated girl, to give praise and talk shit about various things in the industry when needed. And it's funny cause it actually kinda worked out for me! I got to share my love for music and fashion with others who cared (lol) and develop life long relationships with so many people. At first this whole blogging thing was just suppose to be a hobby and something to spend my spare time on but now it's kinda like my career (note:Blogging is STILL not a career unless you get paid GUAP for it and it's the ONLY way you make $). I was taking a step on this journey without realizing it.

If you know me, you would know I'm such a dreamer. I would make a wish at like 11:11 pm every night that my dreams would come true and everything would work out for the best. And then nothing would happen. lol And then I found my religion again and started to pray to God...that my dreams would come true and everything would work out for the best.And nothing would happen for a long time. But then I just stop wishing and hoping (kept praying though) and was like "Everything will happen when it's suppose to happen...IF it's suppose to happen" And then, somethings started to happen! All these opportunities were presented to me, I FINALLY told me parents like what I was doing and got the support from them that I thought I would never get! I finally have like a legit job working with an artist and a company. My dreams are finally coming true! And it's the shit! It's work, but it's the shit!

I don't even feel like I'm just taking steps anymore, I feel like I'm running to my destiny...ok, maybe not running but walking swiftly. lol I get to be me and use my creativity and passion to get the job done and that's all I truly want in life. I never want to work to just make money, I want to work to be happy and make others happy...and make money cause I need to live and eat and drive-you know what I mean though! My life isn't perfect, I still have day-to-day obstacles to run over and stuff but at least there are things I do now that make me happy and kinda create some kind of balance in my life. I'm a Libra, I need balance! lol But this is the beginning of...the beginning and I hope it never ends! Like three weeks ago, I hated life but now I love it and can't wait to wake up every morning to live it! God is good!

If I can do something, whether it's small or big, and it can make just one person smile or laugh and be inspired, then I feel happy and inspired. Love and peace make this world go round, not money.Love and peace was here before money was and it will be here when the money goes.

This is the beginning...and the beginning is dope!

A Girl with a Dream that leads her into a Journey into the Industry...follow me there...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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