Since Es's been gone...

MY BLOG! Oh how I missed you sooooo much! I'm glad we meet again!-Excuse me. I'm having a moment with my blog. We love each other soooooo much! lol Anywho-

So of you may be like, "Yes! Es is back!" others may be like "Crapppp Es is back." or even "You left? I didn't even notice." Either way, I'm back and that's all that matters. Really I didn't go on vacation or anything, I just didn't have time nor computer access. Why no tme?

I GOT A JOB! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! If you read my blog religiously, you know by now that I have been jobless for the longest. Like straight broke...not even rich broke...just broke.But now I'm gonna have "money to blowwwwwwww". I work at my sister's old job, The Bodies & Dialog in the Dark exhibition here in the A. It's dope! If you are in the A anytime before May (when it closes down, so they say) make sure to come on by and check it out! It's at Atlantic Station in Midtown ATL. Like I said, it's come...and keep us busy! And I work the front door a lot so you'll probably see me there! I love my job! It's so fun and everyone is super nice and funny! It's great. I like it when I can leave work happy and in a good mood even though I'm tired as hell. Good pay too.I'll have enough $ to visit the Sister in NYC!

Why no computer access? Cause my mom had a work trip to go too and needed her happens.

But I'm back! No work til Monday I believe...and hope! lol I get paid tomorrow BUT I'm not working tomorrow so I'll pick up my check on Saturday hopefully. *starts singing Tyga's Cut My Check* But yea, I'm back.

I see that the Wonderful World of Hip Hop was a mess in my absence and the same with Twitterville! Weezy got a year in jail. They sending Shyne to Belize with his daddy. Rick Ross claiming victory and crap over 50 Cent. Luda getting sued...lawsuit against The Game was dropped. Worst one was a dumbass rumor that KanYe was dead or some shit?! See I know that's false as hell cause if he really did die, someone...more like everyone would have texted me and called me. Even though I don't believe in having idols anymore, I still look up to KanYe somewhat and I would have been hella bummed out if that was true. But we thank God that it was fake and shame on you to those who started that dumbass rumor. God forgive you. Death is not something to play with. Especially with all the celebs we lost this year?!-some people are just so sick in the head I swear!

ok, I'm gonna go on everyone else's blog and see what else I missed. I'm happy to be back and I hope you are happy I'm back too! I love yall!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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