Review: Drake's So Far Gone

I am really feeling this mixtape. I am still a big fan of Comeback Season, like I still play that in the boombox! Really though, i was just listening to like yesterday. Love that mixtape. Anywho, this mixtape is just as good as the last. Drake seems to improve when aint nobody tell him to! I love that there is a lot more singing on this one though. It is a very diverse mix of genres and vibes which i love. This mixtape is album material to me. Like I said before, Drake is the shit and I will always be a fan and support his music. Whether it is a another mixtape or an album(i hope!), i will cop it because i already know it will be dope. Drake never disappoints me and for people who know me when it comes to music, especially hip hop, that is a very good thing!

Tracks to listen to:

Houstatlantavegas-Love this song, i got it as a ringtone. Love the story and emotion in the song, very nice!

Successful ft. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne-any song with Trey and Drake is dope and any song with Weezy and Drake is dope, so what you think get when you put all three of them together? Pure dopeness-'nuff said.

Say What's Real-Yes, cause it's over a KanYe beat. And cause its Drake. And cause its dope, sheeet man! lol

Little Bit (Lykke Li remix)- This track has been out for a while even before the mixtape dropped. I loved the orginial and the remix is very nice too. I also like the one with Mickey Factz on it, cuz Mickey kills it on any beat. I am just in love with Drake singing, you don't understand...

Uptown-"I'm So Uptownnn", gotta love Weezy and Bun B killed it. Love to see him still doing the damn thing and reppin' hard for Pimp C and UGK. I am also so uptown. lol (and thanx Dyron for reminding me about this one!)

Unstoppable,Best I Ever Had, Sooner or Later

Basically the whole damn mixtape! lol

Download link is in my past post

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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