Is She the One?

Ok, for those who have been reading my blog for a long time now(which i doubt anyone has! lol), you know that i was very sad about the news of KanYe and Alexis calling it quits. And i was also sad that KanYe was heartbroken, but something good did come from it called 808's & Heartbreak. But i was still said that he was alone and he would say in interviews that one day he hopes to be married and have kids and i think he would make a wonderful husband and father. So i've been wondering for a long time,'What kind of chick is right for 'Ye?' So when the bogus rumors about 'Ye kissing Rihanna came out, I was like HELL NAW! She's so not for him and the rumors were as fake as weave. Now we have Amber Rose. A close friend of Riri, but not Riri-thank God! She's a "model" or video vixen. I can't remember off the doom what videos she's done, but i've seen her before and i know about her. So fashion week is(or was) this week and KanYe and Amber have been spending some quality time together. Going to parties and fashion shows together. So everyone thinks they're an item. If this is true...

Then I'm loving it! I think they make a very fashionable and cute couple. And she obviously has some swag. Is it on hundred, thousand, trillion? I don't know. But she seems pretty dope and she's different from the other chicks 'Ye has dated during his career. The only thing is she wifey/mommy material? We'll see. And i know that Dr.West is in heaven keeping a close eye on them but is smiling because 'Ye seems a lot happier now a days. We'll see where this thing goes....hope it goes well for 'Ye sake...

More pics from Fashion Week with 'Ye and A.Rose

Check out Amber's purse-dope! And see how 'Ye and Amber kinda match?! lol
Cudi!!!! Ok, this is about KanYe and Amber, Es! She is very pretty, no homo! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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