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So Far Gone Review in Exclaim

So Far Gone
By Tara Muldoon

The long-awaited So Far Gone mixtape from Toronto's Drake was released to a massive amount of critics and bloggers awaiting its arrival. The third in a series of acclaimed mixtapes, So Far Gone is a combination of hip-hop and R&B that's refreshing at the very least. He blends his lyrical talent with an array of styles and flows, creating a product that can appeal to any music fan. "Nov 18th" and "Uptown," featuring Bun B and Lil Wayne, are album highlights where Drake sounds completely in his element. The Lloyd supported "A Night Off" is a sure shot "in the mood" jam demonstrating the sensual side of Drake. The slower tracks ("Brand New" and "Sooner Than Later") are haunting reflections on relationships that Drake pulls off with ease. The downside of the album is that it is just a mixtape; Drake has some seriously high expectations to conquer

Mine was coming from more of a fan point of view, which i think is the best. Fans have high expectations and stuff..i just lost what i wanted to say. anyways, that the review!

Source: October's Very Own
Charles Hamilton mixtape review coming soon. My spring break is coming up so i'll have time to do it then! Stay tuned!


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