This Dumb B*tch!

Ok, I'm about to go off in 5-4-3-2-1! What the f*ck yall, what the f*ck! I know we all heard by now that The Idiot aka Rihanna, took back her woman beatin' man Chris. This is just so stupid. I remember telling people that the only way Rihanna will some how benefit from this whole situation, career wise, is if she breaks it off with him and ceases communication with the dude. This would show fans that she is a strong woman and that other women going through the same situation should end their relationships and stay strong. Plus, she would gain a lot more respect from everyone and not be labeled a "victim" for the rest of her life. But no. This trick gon take the dude back and fall in love again! What a love story-bullshit.

She is so weak! I dont care if you love the dude and whatever. Did she not see the pics of herself? Does she have a twin that Chris beat up or something? I feel that if a man can beat you up like that, he can do even more damage to your heart, so love is a patheic excuse. And people who know me know that I've been on Team Chris Brown since he dropped his first single, but when this happened-I quit the team. Its too much. And yea, I'm not in the relationship, so I wouldn't understand-you're right! I dont understand how the event of him beating you up was made so publicly and fans showing their support and telling you to stay strong and pics of ya face bruised up land on the net and some how, some way you find ya self with this dude-chillin in Diddy's house, like aint shit happened...and you love him?

Honestly, she gives women a bad name. Especially women who have suffered from domestic violence and did the right thing by leaving and staying strong. We as women already get a bad rap for being weak people and making dumb decisions and here this chick does it-and what about the fans? Its like when Rihanna fans first heard that they where dating it was, "Aww how cute! I'm happy for them!". When they heard he beat her up,"Fuck Chris Brown! He's a woman beater! Burn Him!!!!(lol)", and now they are suppose to like this shit that going on? Can we say roller coaster!

I never really liked Rihanna after Good Girl Gone Bad dropped, but now I really dont like her!

Good Girl Gone DUMB!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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