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Cudi speaks on the haters, lies, and more on the incident dealing with the Reebok party
From Cudi's blog

man, this shit is so wack
February 16th, 2009

this shit really makes me want to fallback on this music shit yo, shit is gettin out of hand…im jus a dude who wants to make ill music to help people on there day to day grind, help them get thru it to accomplish wutever goals they have in life…niggaz talkin shit left n right and dont even kno me, crazy but dats life…jus sux when its magnified times 10 when ur semi recognizable

its part of the job but damn, i aint kno it was gon b like this…this shit is wack as fuck when ur jus a honest dude tryna b chill and spread peace n love…i get angry like anybody else but its never my intention to hurt someones feelings…some guy approached me, i felt threatened and felt like i needed to defend myself…like any man would, feel me?

(for the record i never called the young lady at reebok a bitch or said anything along those lines, she was hot actually and i kept thinkin dat as i was talkin to her…i was raising my voice but mostly becuz it was loud in the place, i was upset tho and i apologize now if i offended the woman i confronted…the person who handled and set the event up, a outside person not in my camp, did not inform us of all the info nor let us even contact the reebok team before we even got to phoenix so a lot of things werent even taken care of properly on that outside persons behalf….in result, confusion and misunderstanding between the wrong people…this outside person wasnt in phoenix to clear things up at the time so imagine how fucked up things got when u have a artist whose unaware of mad shit becuz he wasnt informed properly…lesson learned, stop fuckin wit outside niggaz….if it aint plain pat and emile, no deal)

im posting this so yall can see inside the mind of a young man who has all eyes on him, whose life has done a complete 180 in less than 7 months….i jus wanna create music, take care of my mom and the rest of my fam, do shows, meet my TRUE fans and find my soulmate so i dont have to run thru groupies my whole life like a douche…dats it

im fallin back on appearances and press, after 106 this thursday ima b a ghost…yall gon think kid cudi is a myth dats how very lil u gon see me…im not here to smile for cameras and kiss ass, im here to create wut God wants me to….fuck all dat extra shit, im goin in on my masterpiece…like a poppin nigga should be

foreal foreal this time, i wont speak of this issue anymore….all good news from here on out


I like it when an artist can just spill their feelings and thoughts out and show the people that they are still human. Like i always say, it takes a lot more than saying "I'm human just like you", to really prove how human you are. And of course, I love Cudi. Can't wait for the album. I do kinda wish he would pull a Charlies Hamiltion(i will explain later) and come out with a mixtape or two, but i guess he's mad busy and what to make Man on the Moon:The Guardians a real classic-which is just fine with me!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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