Finally, The Chris Brown I've Been Waiting for...

What a cutie! lol

...has arrived! So reports say that Chris is working on his next album and i thinks its titled Forever and I feel that the music he is now creating will be music that will be known forever.He has such a wonderful voice and is just a great talent in general, but i think at first, his label made him into this character that he wasn't. It worked to get "fans/groupies" for him and money, but for me, its about the music. As i tell everyone, I am all about Chris's unreleased tracks! Like One More Chance,One Mo Gin, I May Never Find, You, and one of the latest,I Needed You. I listen to that song everyday. If he made an album or mixtape of all his unreleased tracks, i would buy it 20x if not more. Don't get me wrong, the album tracks are good and all but the unreleased are some much better. They make him out to be a more diverse artist, he shows his voice off more, and the songs arent all about girls and how he loves them or is sorry for what he "did". So the tracks I'm hearing all over the net are excellent. Forever(i'm guessing the first single off the album) is dope. Its a different sound for Chris but it fits him. And I'm feeling the Final Destination snippet too.Hopefully this will be the Chris Brown album I've been waiting for.I want people to stop hating and realize he can really sing and is an artist that can sing about more than some teenage love affair. This aint Alica Keys!lol So check out the tracks I'm talking about

"Final Destination"-click me to listen

"Forever"-click me to listen

Me likey!


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