Freshmen- What You Got

Checck out this new track from the up and coming Detroit group Freshmen. And if you do not know about these Young Boys, check out their bio....

Bio: FreshMen is a rap duo, consisting of two artist, V.I.P. also known as Lemuel Davis and APeezie also known as Adam Palmer. APeezie is also a producer who goes by a different name when making beats, he calls himself Sage. We have been in the same musical association for 3 years and a duo for 1 and a half years and have put out one mixtape earlier this year called School Is Out. Right now we are currently getting ready to release our 2nd mixtape called Not Your Average… We pride ourselves on being different than your average rappers. With the mixtape Not Average… you can tell the difference between us and the average artist. Both of our styles are very similar to each others and very versatile depending on the beat. We can rap about real situations, we can go hard on the haters, we can make songs that are very playful, that are mainly about the clothes we wear, and we can make songs for the ladies. We both do this for the love of the music, and we just want everyone to enjoy the music we make for them.


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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