Black Thoughts Vol.2.

I know this dropped earlier but I just got around to listening to the homie Tyga's latest mixtape, Black Thoughts Vol.2! I've been waiting for this for the longest! And it was worth the wait! He did such an amazing job with this 'tape! You can tell he took his time with this project to truly perfect it. Tyga is not one to just drop bullsh*t music just to say he has mad music out, which I respect so much. Quality > quantity, people. I will be burning this to a CD and blasting it in my car here in the ATL. When you see a chick roll up in her Toyota Camry blasting Tyga-yes, that is Es.

On another note, I still think Tyga doesn't need YMCMB. I feel like he's too dope to be overshadowed by Wayne, Minaj, and Drake. I understand the whole deal thing but I would have preferred for him to continue with just G.E.D. Inc with Gata, Boo Bonic, Stunnaman, Schoolboy Q, and others and just go hard with that and blow up. Same thing goes for Bonic. I love G.E.D. Inc and they could (still can) kill the game collectively! But that's just my opinion. I still love everyone in G.E.D. and respect all the moves they make in this industry.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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