Ohhhhh myyyy God! This song and video is straight crack cocaine, white girl with a booty, tall pitcher of sweet tea DOPENESS!!! This is a murder! Holy crap! Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, and cARTer just ended some rap careers with this! Like... DAMN! I already know Dom and cARTer are like the saviours of the West right now, but can we discuss Casey Veggies right now.

I swear this guy gets better and better everyday! Literally! I honestly don't think other emcees understand the threat Casey poses on their careers! If Sleeping In Class wasn't enough warning for yall, I don't know what would be! All you rappers better watch this and use it as motivation to step your bars up. There's no reason why we shouldn't have other young emcees killin' tracks like he did. He went OFF on this track! My jaw just dropped! Especially that 2nd verse of his? Dude... DUDEEEEEE!!!! These video makes me excited as hell but at the same time mad cause there's not enough music out there like this. And there needs to be. I adore CV. End of Story.

And, I would like to shout out those bad bitches they had in the video! They had on CLOTHES and still looked dope! Their swag just seeped right through the computer screen!!! Special shout out to my babydoll, Phlo Finister with her gold grill sh*ttin' on you lame hoes! Lol

This is epic. Wow.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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