Do It.

New visuals from PA emcee, Tayyib Ali! Video is for Do It off his latest mixtape, Keystone State Of Mind. I like this particular video and song, but I'm still not riding on the Tayyib Ali train yet. I listened his last mixtape and do be honest, I was bored. Like 7 tracks in, I forgot I was listening to it. Maybe I have to go and listen to it again but I feel like it lacked energy. Like I understand the vibe of this song, it's cool and laid back but if you have a whole mixtape of this same kind of vibe, it's gonna be boring. I wanna hear Tayyib on more upbeat beats and see him with more energy. If a artist has energy, the audience will feed off of it and then the energy will go back and forth. He's very lucky he's freakin' adorable but he's actually dope enough to be more than "that cute rapper". But yea, this video is dope, gotta love New York! Enjoy people!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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