Event: 12th Disciples presents "Creative Curating" hosted by Va$hite!

Info via an-mag.com:
At 12thDisciples, we’re always looking for an excuse to party. What better excuse than bringing “Downtown’s Sweetheart” Va$htie Kola to the Electric Avenue that we affectionately call Atlanta to host our “Creative Curating” fashion show? 
Come celebrate with us on the 23rd of June. Featuring designs from La Vita, Violette, Sheila A. Rashid, Body Politik, House of Adrene, Yanghi, Asiyami Gold, Youtheary Khmer. 
Eclectic, pop and hip-hop sounds will be infused on the 23rd with performances from Atlanta’s own Ethereal, GreatEclectic, Jay West, Micah Freeman, Supreme I.N.K, KeithCharles and out of town guests Weapons of Audio, and Ashton Travis. Flyer design by The Influencers.
Purchase tickets at http://creativecurating.eventbrite.com/! $10 in advance, $15 at the door!!!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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