Shooter McGavin.

What is life? I came across this golden video of a West Virginia emcee by the name of D-Why. Yes, I said West Viriginia. Is there even a rap scene in West Virigina? Anywho, D-Why spits over this infamous Childish Gambino Freaks and Geeks beat. D-Why over here looking like a European Gucci model! Let me find out! StreetEtiquette better watch out now! Lol

Besides where he's from and his charming good looks, D-Why can spit! Something about this beat just brings out the best in emcees. He killed it! He reminds me of Outasight but like 10x better. *KanYe shrug* He's word play is serious! Es is convinced, he is dope. I don't understand how people like Soulja Boy and Lil B gets deal but not people like D-Why. This is what I hate about this industry!!!!! I'm go and download some of this guy's music and yall should do the same but watch the damn video first! Oh and I think he lives in NYC but WV? Wow! Enjoy people!

For more D-Why:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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