But I Never Thought That You Would Take It This FAR!!!

Preview of KanYe's "Flashing Lights" video was posted by Ye himself on his blog. Finally he gave his blog fans something! We've been asking for a clip or something for the longest! He told us that it was done long time ago but he said he promised that he would let BET premiere it. BET before us, Ye? lol

Ok, so this preview kinda freaked me out... and also confused me. It was really long, like the part with the girl taking her clothes off and whatever she was doing. Weird. But I trust KanYe to give us something dope. And then what freaked me out was when she started to hit KanYe with the shovel! I was like HELLLLL NAWWW! Girl tryna kill my brother! I'm gonna get my whole generation after her! Forget just the family! lol Shooo. This complete video better have some explaining to do of that part. My future sis in law, Alexis better get that chick in check! lol

"What do I know....flashing lights ....What do I know...know....."


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