Flashing Lights:Tyga Is Doing it Big!

Flashing Lights: This section is for the artists that I promote officially and the artists I promote on the side because I am a fan of their music! So make sure to always look out for the Flashing Lights section for the hottest artists in the industry!

Is doing it big! From being in some of Hip Hop's hottest magazines, to touring with Gym Class Heroes and Fall Out Boy, to now, working with one of the hottest rappers out, Lil Wayne! I promote Tyga and help run his official fan club.

I am just thrilled about his success and hope he grows more and more with his career! He is very talented and dedicated to his craft. And I am happy to be apart of the growth of his career. Omg, I'm just so happy for him! And as a person, he is just real cool ppls! No drama, like some artists I know of! And he loves his fans which means alot! And the dude is hilarious and energetic. And its not cause he's young, cause we about the same age and I'm lazy as hell! lol jk jk I'm crazy, ask about me!

So check out this video of Tyga talking about how he met up with Lil Wayne and whats gonna happen in the future for him!

Love ya Tyga! Keep doing it big, especially for us young people!

Tyga/Update,Video shoot
"WOWWWWW, Ever heard a Sound Like This?..."


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