Good Morning.....

Hello world! Welcome to My Life!

Yea, well this is basically my first blog on Blogger, of course not on the net! I blog like crazy on MySpace, b/c everyone should know how I feel. And yes, I am that important! Well you are probably wondering, if I have a blog on MySpace, why have one here? I dont know. Honestly. I saw that there is a blog for everyone else and it will probably be easier for people to come here than to go to my MySpace. So I'm here.

Some background info on ya girl, My name is Esther, but people have many nicknames for me. The best one is Es, so I run with that one. Especially, when I am dealing with the entertainment industry as a promoter. Everyone knows me as Es. I am originally from Rhode Island and I lived there until i was 13 and my family moved to the suburbs of Atlanta,GA. I hated it at first but now I am happy we moved b/c I learned a lot about people and myself. Currently, I am a senior in high school but that will be over soon b/c I will be graduating with Honors! Holla at ya girl! I live with both parents and I have an older sister who I love and who got lucky and lives in an apartment in Downtown ATL! ...lucky ass.

So, I love music. Music is my first love and it is going to be very hard for anyone to come between us. No matter and stuf what I do in life, I know that one day, I will be a legend in the entertainment industry. My main goal is to become a music mogul like Jay-Z or Diddy or KanYe or Pharrell and you guys know the rest of them. But like I want to do it big! I also want to get this accomplished at a young age so that i can set an example for my peers and when I'm old, I can teach the young ones. My favorite artist of all time is the one and only KanYe West, but I will explain that in another blog post. Yes, it will take a whole post to express my love for KanYe and his music. So get ready for that! It may even take two posts! Hey, you never know! So yea, and if it seems that my blog is mostly about KanYe, Pharrell, and Lupe or even anything related to them, dont be surprised. They are my superheroes. But of course, there wil be more on The Industryf.

My main goal of this blog is to take everyone on this journey that I am taking to the top of the entertainment industry. I will state facts and opinions. I will post my struggles and pains. Let you know my achievements and success. Cause I know that one day, this girl will be on top....follow me and maybe you will be there with me....


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