the name is Es...

+Birth name is Esther.
+The people call me Es.
+Originally from Rhode Island.
+Reside in the ATL
+College student.
+I promote dope artists and review dope music.

Not So Basic:
I'm a dreamer. I'm a seeker of all things dope.I enjoy dope things and surround myself with dope people. I hope to be a future legend in this industry and in this world. I try to inspire and uplift others as they inspire and uplift me. I grind everyday to make not only my dreams come true but others' dreams as well. My goal with this blog (soon to be complete website) is to bring awareness to everything that should be noticed. Amazing music artists, amazing fashion, go getters, dreamers, believers, great places and anything else I can find. Some people read this blog to find out about dope music. Others to see silly little things. And others to just enjoy my fuckery. But whatever makes you come to this blog, I hope that you enjoy everything you see and take something away from it everytime you click the red X. Bigger and better things are coming from this dopekid-beware.

I do this for the dopekidz.

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'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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