No Air? More Like Breath Please!!!

...hold on...I'm trying to get my hearing, almost got it.....ouch!...alright,I can hear now.

Wow, just saw Jordin Sparks's "No Air" ft.Chrissy Boo was alright. Well directed, I like the whole silhouette singing to each other parts...nice...Chris looked good as always....Jordin looked younger. She just always had an old look to me. So, why can't I hear...

You know when you see videos and stuff of artists in the studio and the producer is like, "Feel the song, feel the lyrics...Put some emotion into it" Well whoever took Jordin to "put some emotion into it" needed to shut the hell up! OMG! The girl is shouting the whole song except the very end when she finally brings it down a notch. Jeez! Love the lyrics and th
e music and everything about the song, but her screaming turned me off. I first heard this song like last year and i was like,"Why she screaming at him?" And I still stand by my opinion that she shouldnt have been the American Idol and I didnt like the other dude either, but he seems more of an American Idol to me. And her other song,"Body piercing"-I mean,"Tattoo"-aint feeling it neither. She can do better. The girl can hold it down for TNG a whole lot better. Thank God we still have hope with Lil Mama and Teyana! JS needs to do a track with Pharrell or Timbaland and she'll have more fans! lol But fa real though!

Here's the damn video!

Alright, you just saw it right?....Why she touching Chris?...leave my homie alone, he don't know you like that, yall just on the same label-chill out! Its just a song, JS! lol I'm crazy, but i gotta protect homies from these crazy females!

Now explain this phenomenon....
Why is Rihanna there....(longer pause).....? Ok, if CMB and Riri don't date....and she is at a video shoot with Chris for a song that she does not sing in...this means Riri is a stalker! Like I've been telling everyone that they dont go out, but picture after image after photo, these two are together, like damn! Focus on ya damn careers! Its whatever, I could care less, all I do is online promo for the dude! And someone cmnted on this pic in Jordin's MySpace Photo album and was like,"You and Chris make a better couple!" to JS and I was like nawwwww. Personally, I dont like any of the girls for him, I am yet to find one that fits him but when I do, I will be sure to blog about it! lol So, thats all I had to say, no I aint hatin-jus statin'!

Back to my Econ hmwk and Panic At the Disco! lol and Shout out to Chris Brown Goonies on MySpace for posting this video for the ppl!


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