She Wants To Move

"But ya hoggin' her, you're guarding her...she wants to move..."

I'm on my N*E*R*D flow today. I feel like a rebel, I gotta "fly or die" or something. Well, school was crazy today. Everyone was tired and just needed some sleep. And you know when people get tired and they can't sleep....things get a little out of hand! lol But it was fun and all! And I found out that my grades are going down-great! Its like i work so hard and see no results. This phenomenon has been happening to me for the longest. I swear this school year has been the worst school year ever for me and its my senior year! I feel so stressed and just want to leave high school. But I'm gonna keep working hard and hopefully something can come out of it on Graduation day! And I'm so broke and have absolute no money to pay my dues, buy school lunch, or anything. And I still don't have a job! Something gotta give! I need to find out that I am related to a celebrity or something....I'm about to right a letter to Oprah or Tyra! shit. But besides my own inner struggle....

I want to move, literally. I need to have freedom, be able to do things on my own time, and own a couple of my own things, like an apartment! I know my parents and sister don't want me to take a loan out, but i gotta, cause there is no way I will be able to do well in college leaving out of their house. i can barely do good in high school leaving here! My good days of school work is when they are leaving me alone. I need a miracle. I wanna be KanYe's personal assistant or something. Or work for BBC/Ice Cream and get clothes for the low low! lol I just want to be me and I am a free person....when contained or denied freedom, I am no one....

"Hey Mister, look at ya girl....she loves it...I can see it in her eyes, She hopes it lasts forever..."


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