TNG: Teyana for President!

The Next Generation

Teyana Taylor
I love Teyana effin Taylor! Even though we are like the same age(i might even be older than her, idk) she is someone I look up to! Just when I thought being unique or weird to others was unacceptable to my peers!, Teyana made it ok to be you. Also, she showed that being you can pay off. I knew about Miss Teyana before her Super Dope Sweet 16 aired and I've been telling people about her, but no one listened! Now, everyone on her jock! But she is cool as hell and I think if we knew each other, we would be cool peoples. So, this week or whatever I'm doing this for, Teyana is the Rep of TNG! Also, Teyana calls herself the Teen President, and I am not mad at her for that! If teens really did have an election for a Teen Presidency, she would have my vote! I wonder who would be her VP? I would go with Chrissy Boo, or maybe my dude Tyga! Speaker of the House would def have to be Brandon T. Jackson-the boy is a fool! And I would be on Congress of course! lol So T.T., if you are reading this, I just want you to know that I think that you are the definition of dopeness, I can't wait for your album to drop, I'm gonna promote it like crazy! Keep doing you because it's what the people love most about you! And if we ever meet each other in the future, you need to go sneaker shopping because I need to get my footwork tight! lol I love Teyana Taylor!!!!!!

Vote for Teyana or DIE! lol

"16, already pushed the Range Rov', My CEO made the whole hood change clothes, Now we got the hood ridin' skateboards doing tricks like..."

I did want to put the vid of Teyana and Tyga with Travis of GCH, but I'm too lazy to look for the embed code! It should be on or just go to Teyana's MySpace to watch it!(click the title of this post to go to her page)


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