TNG:The Next Generation-Tiffany Evans

I always wanted to have a teen magazine called TNG, but my good friend said there is already a mag out there called that. Well all I gotta say is that they have some bad promo cause I aint never heard of it!

Well, this section in my blog will have to do with all the young people in the industry doing it big-in my eyes. Or the young people who need to go back to focusing on school. Yes, there are plenty of them out there!

Alright, first person to hold it down for TNG is :Tiffany E
vans!!!!! Love this Girl!

This girl did her thing on her debut album,"Hey Young World". With the help of producers The Clutch and Darkchild, her album is one of my favorites and I feel Tiff is gonna be in the game for long! I dont know how well the album did in sales, but I could careless about sales cause nobody buy CDs anymore! lol I mean its true!

So my favs on the album are "Girl Gone Wild', even though I feel its short in length, and "I'm Grown" ft Lil Bow Wow, yes I said "Lil" cause he still looks little in my eyes! Those are the bomb! Fye ass beats and of course my girl's vocals are on point!

Alright, thats it for TNG now! I dont know who will be next, I guess who ever inspires me enough to blog about 'em.

"Can't believe you didn't know I'm grown! I'm grown now......"


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