Where Is The Love????

Yea I refused to post anything on Valentine's Day. It was an alright day, i didnt get anything, but whats new? So yea, yesterday, I was just really annoyed my holiday, especially when you have to "celebrate" it in high school. Big ass balloons, ugly teddy bears, sugar high girls who cant stop taking about their boyfriends and their boyfriends talking about how much money they spent on the gifts. Ugh. But I had fun with my friends, we were just acting crazy and stuff. But its a new day....thank God. Hopefully my Day of Love will be a lot more lovely then this years, next year.

So today, i download a whole bunch of music. For some reason, I know about new music wayyyyy before everyone else. Like omg, every song Chris Brown ever came out with, I knew about it like 5 months, if not a year before everyone else. I find is so funny when my friends come up to me and are like,"Did you hear that new Chris Brown song '(insert ya fav.CB track)' yet?" And I'm like, "Thats new?" lol So yea, some of the stuff I downloaded are kinda ol but I know there is some that no one else knows about. But I'm not gonna tell you, because there are tons of other blogs and sites who will tell ya and stuff. Like think2wice.org and stuff. I'm just state my opinion and maybe predict the furture of the piece! lol-yes, cause I'm the shit!

So I'm post a whole bunch of stuff and do what I do best, talk about them! lol join the convo if you want to!

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