Baby You Can Google Me...

Finally, we have the FULL video for "Google Me". When she went to TRL, we only got a sneak peek. Well no more sneaking and peeking, heere's the full verison! you want to know my real opinion?...It could have been better! Like I'm one of Teyana's biggest fans and supporter, but I could have done some better graphics than that! It was too blah. Maybe back in 1990, it would have been hott, but now in the age of KanYe and Hype William collaborations and Pharrell crazy videos, it doesnt cut it. She needs to have a dope ass, off the chain, 4D, out of this world video! Especially because everyone was excepting it to be that dope and she's just so different and refreshing compared to other artists. Her personality and the energy of the song did not match the video to me. Hopefully she will pull a KanYe and have a better version, cause that one will not be seen on the countdowns b/c of the video itself,it will be there b/c of Teyana herself. But I guess that's all that really matters...right? At least she looked pretty and it seemed like she had fun!


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