Its Been A long..Long Time Coming, But Who Would Have Known...

That change would come, oooh yes it did!

Wow, I haven't posted in a minute and i am probably mad late on some things so I am going to leave that news to the other blogs and sites! Like Tiffany Evans video for "I'm Grown", which I am not a big fan of. I thought it was kinda contradicting that she was singing that she was grown, but in the vid, they are having a party and acting like the children that they still are. Maybe she should have waited til her 2nd or 3rd album to release that track. She is only 15. Still love her though! Good job,Tiff! Oh and that Teyana was on TRL and showed a sneak peek of "Google Me". When is the full video coming out????? I've been waiting too long for that video! And will the rest of "Flashing Lights" air or was that Me highly confused! See that why I barely watch tv now. There's always Youtube and DailyMotion!

So, you are probably wondering about this change I'm singing about. Well all it really is, is that I am finally getting myself together academically. My grades aren't showing it just yet cause teachers are slow to put grades in but, its finally coming together. I also just applied to some more colleges(that made my mom happy, now she $70 in debt! lol jk) and I got some certificate for making Pass Plus on all part of the Georgia High School Graduation Test(which is meaningless, I'm just trying to graduate,eff the paper!). And my mom finally gave me money to pay for my prom and senior dues, so now i dont seem poor to everyone anymore. All my friends were worried i might not be able to go to prom. Honestly...I'm not that excited about it. Down south, proms=fashion shows. Up north, prom = a DANCE! Thats whats its suppose to be right? Naw, they just waste hundreds of dollars that could go to books or room and board in college, to buy a outfit and crap that they will flaunt for three hours and take pictures in. Idk about them other girls, but i am getting a dress that i can dance in! Scratch that, KRUMP in! Ima pop, lock, and drop it at prom all by myself! Its dumb, why dont they dance-wait, maybe cause they can't dance! Wow, i should have know! lol

Well all i need now is a job and my life will be great! And then I will be singing..."Welcome to the Good Life....Welcome to the Good Life...Welcome to the Good LifEEEEEEEEEE...Welcome to the Good Lifeeeeee-Like we always do it this time..."Lmao, I'm dumb!


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