I Love B.Scott

B.Scott is the shit.Point blank!I'm mad i aint never heard of him before. I thought Chris Crocker was funny, B. Scott is my dude. He is the truth. I just watched his most recent video talking about if he should call this dude back that he met at the store and stuff-he is just real! And he has a video with one of the finest people on Earth, Steph Jones(that's a whole other post yall. Damn he fine!). Like I really need a friend like B.Scott in my life. I love him. I must confess, I have this weird thing that like...gay men are like my idols! I don't know what it is. I just respect them so much and they go through so much because of the stupidity of our society. Like this one guy who use to come to my high school, he graduated last year-when i say this guy is fly, whatttttt? Aint nuttin on his body that aint name brand. He was fly like a mutherf*cka! He had the dopest bags-omg, when our school was doing tryouts for our fashion show(that did not happen,tear), he was there to judge the models. He had a Prada bag, Prada shades, Prada shoes-i dont even know, i was just in awe! He is my idol. And my friend was like,"Ok Es, whatever!". Gay men are just so dope! I love'em! And guess what, there is absolutely nuttin wrong with that! But B.Scott-pure dopeness! I will be checking his website everyday like i do with KanYe's blog. But KanYe is still number one idol. And for all of them so called hardcore dudes hating on KanYe calling him gay and stuff(for no reason!), don't hate just cause ya girl is giving him "brain" and you aint. Don't knock the hustle cuz he pullin more chicks then you! So yall, click on the title to get to B.Scott's website! And I'm gonna add it to the list of sites, cuz i love him! Here's some video our my new idol!


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