2nd Version of "Flashing Lights"

Ok, i will agree, the first version was kinda confusing-at first. But later on there were plenty of "translations" on the net for everyone to understand it. It was very metaphorical and if you still don't understand-do ya research! KanYe is brilliant when it comes to videos and he is always original in his ideas. So here is another version for "Flashing Lights". I like this version better b/c i feel it fits the song more. The only confusing aspect of this one is KanYe and the other girl. I understood the girl in the apartment and stuff and her situation, but KanYe and the topless girl-what? Explanation please! I personally think he did that part for his on personal pleasure! lol who knows?

So here is the new video and i found it on BBC/Ice Cream's blog, so yea enjoy like they said!

"Flashing Lights II"-KanYe West

I think the main girl is a model, right?Ka


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