Fashion Forward: Lauren Conrad

Fashion Forward

Not only was I a huge fan of Laguna Beach but I am a HUGE fan of The Hills!!! And not because you get to see the life of young women squeezing their way into the fashion industry but just these girls are the shit-especially Lauren. I've been saying since the first episode of the first season of Laguna, she can be down with the sistas in any hood. She is too gangsta for a little beach girl! I love her. I dont love her just because she has a hood mentality or her classic sarcasm and humor-the girl got style. And i know you probably think,"Well duh Es, she goes to fashion school and works for Teen freakin Vogue!!!" But trust, I've seen some fashion major college students-and even I know they look a hot mess walking around! -Don't get me started. Her outfits are simple but so complex at the same time. And she be stylin on them hoes with the heels. LC fact of the day: Her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs! Now you see why she be killin it with the heels and flats-yea. Whitney and Audrina are also very fashion forward. I think my style is more like Audrina's cause is a little more urban and vibrant. But when i get my money right, i will be stylin' lie Lauren and Whit.!

So this week, Lauren is the featured icon on MySpace and I decided she was the perfect person to start off my fashion section of my blog. She has a new line out under Intuition called "the Lauren Conrad Collection". I bet its hella expensive and the store is on Melrose.

Here are some pics of Lauren:
She looks like a Greek goddess. Love this dress. I need one for this summer.

Lauren & Whitney looking back and laughing at the lames while stylin' on them at the same time! Genius!
LC at her first show of her New New collection!
A fashion icon has been you LC, do you....


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