Hot Ish: Its The Remix Babyyyy!

Hot Ish:Its the Remix Baby!
Lollipop RMX ft. KanYe West(zsharepage)
"Don't worry why my wrist got so freeze, tell a girl like Dorito that's Not cho cheese(nacho cheese)"-hot ish! 'Ye killed it on this remix. Weezy's verses were iight, i like his verses on the original than these! But i still love this remix! I listen to it everyday! Download before zshare takes it off! lol

Everybody Nose RMX ft. Child Rebel Soldier & Pusha T
I already posted this remix, but its sooooo dope, i had to do it twice! Listen and download asap! And if you havent already, listen to the original("Everybody Nose"-N*E*R*D) and watch the video!!! 'Ye killed it on this mix too!

Put On-Young Jeezy ft. KanYe West
Yea, i forgot where i got this song from, probably some zshare page, but if you havent heard it on the radio or on some other site, search for it and listen to it asap! I'm not really a Jeezy fan but i love the song and of course, 'Ye killed it again!


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