Hot Ish-N*E*R*D "Everybody Nose Remix"

Hot Ish
"Everybody Nose"-N*E*R*D ft.KanYe West, Pusha T, and Lupe Fiasco

I really don't want to describe this cause everytime i hype something up to the fullest and the person i tell listens or sees whatever i'm hyping up, they dont have the same amount of excitement as i did. Like when it was transferred, some excitement was lost. But when i say this remix is dope, i am not lying.Tihs is what you call a remix. Not that its the same beat and vocals+lyrics with other rapper or singer getting a verse in. The beat is dopem my dudes are killin' it-its crazy! I will be blastin' this when it is available for download. Its not even the finally cut for it-and its hott! See, that's why these dudes are like my favorite artists ever. Stop listening to music, experience it!


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