Hot Ish(New Music)

Hot Ish is New Music

Iight, today i visited one of my fav. and i guess i've been late cause they had a bunch of new stuff! So will surfing the site, i found new music

Chris Brown-Last @ Know

Let me tell you, as soon as the beat drop, i was like WHATTTTTT! Dope ass beat, i need to find out who produced it. As far as the song as a whole, it was alright. It kinda reminds me about the whole KanYe and Alexis break up b/c everyone said KanYe didnt have time for her cause of his tour(there's a part in the 1st verse that reminds me of this). Um, i feel Chris played it safe with the vocals. I haven't really heard anything different in his range and style of vocals that "wows" me. It just the same ol' CB vocals! He needs a new vocal coach so he can try out some new style and improve his range so he can really kill it on tracks and on stage. I still cant get over that beat

Donnie J-Rolling Stone

When Donnie was competing to be in the band, i wasnt really his biggest fan. I hated his dancing and his singing wasnt really on point to me. But now, he has grown sooooo much as an artist and he is so dope now. I like this song. Nice beat, nice vocals, nice lyrics-overall nice. He's doing his thang! I like "Doctor Love" but i like this song more.


No one Ever Really Dies-BITCH!!!! My boys Shae, Chad, and Pharrell killed it with this song. I am seeing the sounds fo sho! I love the emotion of this song, this is exactly how i felt when my so called friend got all up in my face. Dumb ass nigga, ANYWHO! Back to my boys, the lyrics are dope-the muther fcuking production on this track-nigga what?! I just love this track-I'm soooooo buying this album and if i have enough money, I'm gonna buy the other ones too! lol

Lindsay Lohan-Bossy

Go girl! I always like Lindsay's attitude filled pop music. She a real cool girl, she just makes some bad decisions. Anyways, i like this song. It has this 80's pop sound to it-got me dancing. I would love it if they played it in the clubs-it def a club banger to me. Reminds of like a Madonna track or something. Speaking of Madonna, her album is gonna be dope-i need to go cop it, so do you. So i guess LL got sick of acting and wanted to be real and is back in the music game. Do you LL, do you. Nice track.


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