Let Me Find Out Girlicious....

I've been sleeping on a couple of people. Well i didnt really watch the show, as a matter of fact i havent been watching any tv cuz of schoolwork. But i saw the video premiere on think2wice.org and it didnt work at first so i went to youtube to watch it.

I'm not the biggest fan of r&b/pop groups anymore cuz they have too much drama and split up ever two years or find a new member, or they are just not that talented. This group called Girlicious are doing the damn thing. And it takes alot for me to say that about a group after hearing only one song and seeing one video. Don't worry, I'll do more research of course. They are pretty, they can REALLY sing, they can dance their butts off and they got what a lot of female groups fail to have-SWAG! I don think artists realize how important swag is. It is everything. You can be the best singer in the world and dance better than Michael, but if you appear lame and just blah and there is nothing unique about you,guess what? No records sold!

So i like these girls,but ima continue my research. I not sure yet if the beat my girls Danity Kane in the singing area, cuz DK does have Dawn and Audrea. But Girlicious would murder DK in a dance -off except for the heel toe part that they literally kill in this vid

Girlicous-Like Me


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