Only A fan of One Of Them

So the video for Maroon 5 & Rihanna's "If I Never See Your Face Again" came out....

Its a simple but abstract video. I like the how the colors were used in it, Rihanna is-looked like a slut.Adam is beautiful as usual and Maroon 5 is the shit. Even though Little Miss Shithead is gettin' on my last nerve, i think her and Adam make a better couple. They kinda give off this European feel as a couple. but Adam is too for Lady Bitchassness anyways.

-I'm sorry, i got mad love for the girl but I like the Rihanna from the last two albums("Music of the Sun"&"Girl Like Me"). This whole good girl gone bad-yea, but not bad in a good way. Artists need to start deciding what genre they are, R&B or pop. Pop ain't dead, Madonna is still living! And killin' them hoes too! I like Riri as an R&B artist, this sooo played out. Bad girls are being played out and if that trick cut her hair one mo-iight, here's the video!

Maroon 5 & Rihanna-If I Never See Your Face Again


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